Heru vs. Set – A Modern Day Drama

-SETTING THE TEMPO- The beginning. A thrashing of souls. Brought forth by truth. The pain, deeply rooted in ego, trauma and hasty decisions. And the list goes on. The beginning. Turmoil bubbles into discord. Discord into infidelity. Infidelity into chaos. Chaos into separation of life. Self destructive model born and left to ridicule and scorn. … Continue reading Heru vs. Set – A Modern Day Drama


Taking a mystical stance on this road to freedom. When I'm confronted with the blindside, Suffering from false pride, Third eye opens wide. Liquid pools of bliss. Following the ancient thought, Thoth if you truly taught, Scribe for the ages, The Goddess misbehavin', But shedding her truth to the world. The masculine metaphor of righteous … Continue reading Refuge