The beginning.
A thrashing of souls.
Brought forth by truth.
The pain, deeply rooted in ego, trauma and hasty decisions.
And the list goes on.

The beginning.
Turmoil bubbles into discord.
Discord into infidelity.
Infidelity into chaos.
Chaos into separation of life.

Self destructive model born and left to ridicule and scorn.
A season of evolution, disruption and scattered solution.

Inevitable difference, deference, and dissonance.
The making of a form fitting farce.
Listening to the mud slingers,
Plastering lost faces with compounded pain.  And we wait for rain.

…And we wait in vain.

We wait for clean to exist.  And for wind to resist.  We listen for song and dance and sweat and sex and let down.  Sorrow dounced in hope.

We are stuck in the season for hurt people to hurt people.
The spring demonstrates the rebirth, bred from right brain drain; from the need for healing.

Hibernation – time for generation, meditation and hydration.  Let the liquid flow, the fluidity of ripe conscious mind in need of harmony.
A harmony brought on by nature.

Childish games shall pass into waste buckets of self-righteousness and hypocritical rhetoric.

Let us Begin

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