A Pause for Distraction – the Soulmate says “brothas once had it together and lost their righteous mind…”  Said, “brothas lost their way.”

Off the mentee path and into arrogance.  Lame reasoning toward the belt notches, blaming the boy child and baby momma for dismissive behavior.  Claim to miss her.  Home adorned with Africoid fixtures.

Proud of the deep hue, using THIS as the cat-a-lyst.  Mad cause the Sun God Ra came out gunz ablaze –


True to His Cause.

As divine, through the swine, sipping blood wine and unafraid of the 7×7 – redeem.

We’re getting too old for this brotha.  You’re desperate and begging.

Freedom on the horizon, ’cause the oft-spring ready to fly the nest.

Careful, you Clown.  Stepping to the BS destroyer ain’t wise for your kind – deserter of the cause.  Cashing in the transplant neutrality card.

You gonna need a scientific calculator, Sun Tzu, Tao of Wu, or maybe get to the real source – your meteor metaphors are soft and meant for the impressionable mind. Go ahead and try to decipher this one son.

No need, just take heed – Step Off.

You’ve been warned.

“Then we can land in the motherland…
Camel back across the desert sand”. 

Sit with the elders and let them decide who is the most worthy of the Queen.


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