It wasn’t just enough to fall in lust.

The heavy energy was the adversary when the sex was done.

So what of the main culprit in the karmic debt cash box?

The twisted little lost devil wearing exaggerated clocks.

The hip hop of it all.

Missing the mark, missing the call.

Redemption slips.

Don’t think your little weak deeds are enough to get a grip.

Traveling to provide speeches to the choir.

Selective glimpses of brilliance you attempt to show simply won’t do.






Your Greek blood runs dry when Alkebulan calls for its WARRIORS.Akoben_-_Valor_-_War_Horn-512

Stand clear with your vulgar influences, backed by prowess and not purpose.

Your lame, late attempts to woo her gaze.

We are unfazed.

Unimpressed with your feeble, fearful, masked confident stance.

Arms firmly crossed ’cause you’re scared to let anyone in.

A frightened little boy lives on the inside.

He hopes for pride.

Stern looks don’t put fear in me soul brother.

For I have already won.akofena-400-x-265

Won the rights to live.

Won the rights to give.

To redeem and refresh.

To come clean and redress.

And so it begins, the bronze brilliance is too bright in your wicked eyes.

Your new journey to righteousness has commenced.

And when your done living in the plain site shadows…

simply look for truth and triumph in the sun


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