We look to a Motherland that is methodically stripped of dignity.
…to the migratory power of a people that spread across a globe.

Where melanin and DNA’s carry across seas to shores in the West.

A Diaspora void of unity.
Where status has brought disease and shame.
I have sense shared the bludgeoned memories with a castaway nation
dreaming of a new day.
Wishing for clairvoyance and sensibility in a delusional struggle..
Marked by hapless boomers desperate to make ends meet,
Hoping to make sense of their decades of worship.
A day where brand endorsed ball players, where pop culture icons serve as parents,
role models, teachers, scholars.
I long for a day when the meek will inherit.
When we are no longer fighting for equality in a country that
claims to lead the free world.
A day where my ancestors don’t have to cringe to weep
in their grave.
Spirits screaming for its young to wake up.
I can see the light.
When we are no longer duped into believing that the word nigga is alright.
Perfection is not an option, never was, never will be,
But my dreams continue.
Dreams fading fast as I open my eyes into consciousness.
A state of depression that will be brought to justice from an overtaking of oppression.
Our ships will sail back, back to a land of conscious mind state.
Renovated nations emerging into Utopian blends of rhythms,
fruitful travels, and enriching story lines of once hidden secrets.
I greet this neurosis driven blessing void of the class and caste
endorsed Diasporic nations.
I shall encourage and follow the stars to this new place,
this birth tree of civilization.
A cradle for the overbearing Eurocentric process of dominance, deceit, and omission.
All races shall rise from their current state and levitate, merge souls, blend skies
and become the one truth, the white magic, and pure blackness.
This day draws near, respect levels heightened and flesh eaters frightened,
escaping a terror-driven righteousness.
We live through the nightmares, the false gods and false dreams
which destroy our natural goddess and the essence of our creative process.
We will no longer take guesses.
We will know, because the true knowledge of self comes from within.
Stand in your moment.
Listen to your soul;
feel the vibration from the ancestral spirits of old.
Seek soft, feminine blessings and lighten the steps.  Regress.
My time has come,
My mind has gone numb.
The sensation is kind and strong and balance and music and love and spirit and universe.
Take a journey with self-centered dyno creature.
Born and bred to unite, bless and build the core.
I am here to love you – My sister, my brother,
My neighbor
Hold me up, and I Will return the favor.

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