NUBIAN CORE strives to reach back – to a time where the freedom to love, to explore, and to connect to the source were celebrated.  A time when the sun kissed the face of the earth and its inhabitants and nature dictated the righteous actions of every wombman and man.

NATURIST VIBE (#naturistvibe) is an online movement, geared towards connecting like minds who embrace the natural life without limitations, control and group think.  De-robing and setting the skin free, whenever possible.

MOOD MUZIK delves into a culmination of sounds such as new-age, trance, house, electronic and avant-pop.  Each collection of songs is put into a volume addressing a particular MOOD or a common circumstance.

AFROFUTURISM is the development of an Afrikan Diasporic cultural aesthetic blended with technology.  It is stimulating, rebellious and provocative, laying the foundation for an out-of-this-world future.

CINEPHILIA is the act of demonstrating a certain level of passion and appreciation for the presentation and theory of filmmaking.

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