Mood Musik: I Am Your Mind – Roy Ayers

The Grand Genius Roy Ayers wrote these fantastic lyrics for the Virgin Ubiquity II album in 1976... Celebrating this Virgo, in season, with reason. Reminiscent and real. Oh, how his words reveal - truth. This is I Am Your Mind Pt. 2 Your mind your mindYour mind your mind(If you believe in yourself)Your mind your … Continue reading Mood Musik: I Am Your Mind – Roy Ayers


Strangers happening, why do we find ourselves dangling haplessly, not in control of our lives. Intersect minds, revolution in front of the farce of the fitness and jurors and witness, we despise. Bring down the light of truth and freedom.  We, ring in the night and enter the kingdom,when love and potion and distance and … Continue reading Strangers

Badoula Delightful Read with a Soundtrack...   Dangerous Queen... Making music, mistakes, and babies. Listening, learning, reading, writing. Exciting every brotha in her gaze, dumbfounded and twisted in her maze. She is fire and desire, burning the souls of cash money makers and rhyme slayers alike. Intellectuals and sell-outs. They all love this culture crooner, exemplifying … Continue reading Badoula