Determined to break free, To shed the shackles placed upon me. To rid my soul of conformity, I establish my rights. My terms, my love for my tribe, Living with a naturist vibe. Regardless of the sins, My kin dwells in likeness of the cosmos. Residing in the stars and among the divine light, The … Continue reading


Strangers happening, why do we find ourselves dangling haplessly, not in control of our lives. Intersect minds, revolution in front of the farce of the fitness and jurors and witness, we despise. Bring down the light of truth and freedom.  We, ring in the night and enter the kingdom,when love and potion and distance and … Continue reading Strangers

False Hoods

Brows bent as I break down the story of America. This wrinkle in time had my forehead looking older than it should Because I'm worried about my children, in my hood. This plantation struggle prevalent as the past 10 generations. This false emancipation. This mass incarceration. Androids filling voids. Reality TV white house trends. And … Continue reading False Hoods