Determined to break free,

To shed the shackles placed upon me.

To rid my soul of conformity,

I establish my rights.

My terms, my love for my tribe,

Living with a naturist vibe.

Regardless of the sins,

My kin dwells in likeness of the cosmos.

Residing in the stars and among the divine light,

The spirit in flight.

Riding along the dark waves of the ether.

I find my way to sanctity and solace,

Traveling to eternal bliss.


Strangers happening, why do we find ourselves dangling haplessly, not in control of our lives.
Intersect minds, revolution in front of the farce of the fitness and jurors and witness, we despise.
Bring down the light of truth and freedom.  We, ring in the night and enter the kingdom,
when love and potion and distance and motion and knowledge of self, gains momentum …at last we will rise!
Finally forcing the shackles to break, to bend and to mend, to reach out and remake (from the lies.)  
Here we go – one, two… pressing the ego to lay down the cloak and create the new dream in our eyes.

everyone searching for love, 
looking for blessings from high up above,  
we... lounge and frown, complain, restrain,
we... break, remain,
relinquish redemption for pleasure's exemption then die...  
...because we don't rise, we cry, we lie,  
to ourselves, denying the truth of the real,
get loose and reveal our weakness to the world.  

We wear the Scarlet letters on chest and back and breast, in fact…
We act like we good, move back in the hood, we learn to let go, when we focus and flow,
The time comes to realize that our lies have crossed the skies and placed us in dungeons of destruction.  
Infiltrated with dirty deeds when we should have been finding mates and planting seeds.
Future flying by, writing, just passing time. Production eludes, counselor concludes, that we need to lift up the burdens and blame, we lost the first game, but have chances to advance when we work the plan, travel the land and make the best of our tainted memory.  

Strangers we call it cause love came too quick, friends look like dicks and curves deceived our minds, made us devils in flight, and third eyes went blind. And so consciousness conquers when virtue takes hold.  The slips and stumbles be damned, and be bold.  Mask coming off, and replaced it with gold.  As strangers, we embrace, the desire, to be cold.

False Hoods

Brows bent as I break down the story of America.
This wrinkle in time had my forehead looking older than it should
Because I’m worried about my children, in my hood.
This plantation struggle prevalent as the past 10 generations.
This false emancipation.
This mass incarceration.
Androids filling voids.
Reality TV white house trends.
And Facebook friends.
Snatching our minds with the absolute worse rhymes
(With mumble, auto tune hooks)And the hooks.  The hookers
With mind numbing madness
So caught up that we have to hate on each other
No idea what it means to be sister or brother
All we now know is currency flow…
Where is the black press?
Where is the voice of my own?
…Karibu to my zone.
Separated from reality when we continue to follow the typical trends.
We have become a subculture of talkers.  
Running off at the mouth like diarrhea.
Vultures with fixed gaze, we drink, then blaze and get a false sense of security,
Good old fashioned liquid courage.
We now living in an of era of Trumped up charges. 
An era where we have spoken so much that our ears bleed, 
and we still proceed
…with the rally cry.
Where do we go from here?
To be continued…

Part 2
Young, gifted and BLACK,
And always under attack – 
The cyber bully boldly blasting the brothers
On the world wide web.
Tweeted the hateful words
That shake the nation.
Holdin us back with destructive distraction
Fear gaining traction.
We live through it all
We live to tell the story 
Witness the glory
Witness the well oiled oppression machine
Do its thing
Leaving massive fever on the forehead of the fear mongering.
America the beautiful…
The peaks and valleys, rivers and lakes.
Missteps and mistakes.
Nature serving as its mask.

Part 3
Wading in the water to justice.
Smelling the foul air.
Chest swells.  Inhale – exhale.
Then blow the trumpet across the land we call the free.
The home,
Of the Brave.
Mellow and cool.
Using gun tools, focus on the target.
Don’t lose sight.
Know your right to fight.
Read to elevate the mind.
Be kind, then relentless with might.
Flee the degradation, the ills 
and live the good life 
free of the strife.
This land is your land.  
Colored man, Afrikan.
Diasporic beauty.
Hues and shades and tones
And complexions perplexing.
Blend from within.
Cause the evolution is the revolution.
The paradigm shift is inevitable.
What role will you play?


I want to hate you, but would rather impregnate you,

With a gift from the most high, so must I deal with you.

In the moment of lust, loving and leaving you basking in dust.

Weathered storms to meet and greet with you.

Love let me lose my hope, pain – vetting and strain

And So…

The time has passed and I’m free from the bondage of you and me,

But lost in this wild style and I yearn for your eyes now.

The only truth I can understand.

So readily I grip the ground, holding fast to dreams of bliss.

And yet allowing stress and intervention to persist.

Fighting for richness and righteous with balled fist.

Wrong times, crooked lines, withstanding the onslaught of deceit you bring,

The leveled lies you embrace, the ignorance I despise.

Falling short and crossed lines, burning splinters of joy,

‘Cause you needed reproach, rebuke and repent.

Distracted, twisting religion – secretly wishing for devils to chase you.

I had to make sense of you in some way.

Sad and I miss the good old days.

(Wish I could return to the hybrid spirit supreme).

Hoping for dreams of clean and pure.

I’m a mind twister and you’re so insecure.

I once dug and dived but had to see the massive release of pseudo culture struck down with bribery.  

Trickery.  Vulnerability.

Struck down by moments of you learning to live without me.


(Wish we could’ve been more patient).

Destruction seems to be our theme, perhaps a dream.

But the lessons smack you each time and you lose a piece of your soul.

I become hardened by yet another painful past manifested through the checkered path.

Simply do the math and watch your equation fade south, in and out, dropped, repeat, pleasure, desertion, wishing, writing, proclaiming, complaining, when all you had to do was stop.  And stand still.  Listen.  Heal.  Repeat.. Rise.  Oh Goddess RISE!!

Lift your head, the crown keeps sliding to the side.

What a journey we shared.  Asante.  Salaam.

Tutaonana…  SOON

A Dream

For the first time in a long time, I was able to smile.

That first smile hurt a bit.
It was full of doubts and dreams and I wanted the pain to cease,
But it refused.

My heart is healing in every thought.
It is a new sensation.  And reminiscent of the innocence of my youth.
I am caught in a web.

And when the view is clear, I see you.
I see the god in you.  There is a glow around you.

I watch you sleep and it reminds me of who I want to be.
Honest and hopeful.  And I weep.
Not from a weakness, but from a past shed.
A day of redemption and honor.
And I weep more. The pain is so real.

I continue to watch you – peaceful and secure.
Trusting and mature.
I feel my mission pushing through your skin.
To protect and provide and all that goodness.

I sit back and stare until I match your breath.
You comfort me from a slight distance.
I smell your skin.  My loins awaken.
But I have mellow, calm thoughts each time I see your face.
I am proud in the moment.

Your curves are bursting through and I praise them too.
They deserve to be captured in song.  A muse.
An angelic spirit, striving for righteousness.

I dream.  It is a sensual dream.

Full of love and lust and lost and found trust.
My stance becomes real and I smile.
This time the smile doesn’t hurt as much.
And I sigh, take in the next breath, and close my eyes.

Again, take in the sweet smell…  and again.
Feel your presence travel the ether.
To meet me.
To join me.  Grab hold of me.

We can create these bountiful dreams.
Day after day after day. Night after night.
I am honored to be in your life.
Lay still. I watch over you tonight.
Simmer in the summer warm. I will cool you.
Shiver in the winter’s cold. I will cover you.

If this is the beginning of the rest of my life,
Then I am pleased. And now I am protected.

I am blessed.