Determined to break free, To shed the shackles placed upon me. To rid my soul of conformity, I establish my rights. My terms, my love for my tribe, Living with a naturist vibe. Regardless of the sins, My kin dwells in likeness of the cosmos. Residing in the stars and among the divine light, The … Continue reading


Adinkra in origin, Esoteric in spirit. FAWAHODIE represents the #naturistvibe movement. Let go and let live. Life has become a constant tug of war, driven by the notion of constraints and conformity. Here at Nubian Core, we strive to rebel; we dispel myths of the caged bird. We adorn the Ankh, symbolizing the essence of … Continue reading SYMBOLICALLY SPEAKING

naturist yoga – waxing gibbous moon meditation

What is the Waxing gibbous moon? It's the period when the moon is more than half-lit, and less than full. This phase is linked to a deeper understanding of planning and preparation. During this time, the light from the Moon allows for some deeper introspection—people born during this phase know how to see more of themselves. … Continue reading naturist yoga – waxing gibbous moon meditation