Determined to break free,

To shed the shackles placed upon me.

To rid my soul of conformity,

I establish my rights.

My terms, my love for my tribe,

Living with a naturist vibe.

Regardless of the sins,

My kin dwells in likeness of the cosmos.

Residing in the stars and among the divine light,

The spirit in flight.

Riding along the dark waves of the ether.

I find my way to sanctity and solace,

Traveling to eternal bliss.


Adinkra in origin, Esoteric in spirit. FAWAHODIE represents the #naturistvibe movement. Let go and let live. Life has become a constant tug of war, driven by the notion of constraints and conformity. Here at Nubian Core, we strive to rebel; we dispel myths of the caged bird. We adorn the Ankh, symbolizing the essence of life and embrace FAWAHODIE as a protector against mental, physical and spiritual chains. Unapologetically Free.

naturist yoga – waxing gibbous moon meditation

What is the Waxing gibbous moon? It’s the period when the moon is more than half-lit, and less than full. This phase is linked to a deeper understanding of planning and preparation. During this time, the light from the Moon allows for some deeper introspection—people born during this phase know how to see more of themselves. This Moon phase also encourages individual development and growth. It is necessary cycle to provide accountability and balance in one’s life.