Tribal Paint

Most of these images are created by the amazing Nigerian brother, Laolu Senbanjo. His work is so dope. Regardless, I love tribal paint. It is commanding and against the grain. It invokes the energy of powerful African warriors, tribeswomen and tribesmen and the creativity and adaptability of Diasporans across the globe. Decorative, intriguing, and downright … Continue reading Tribal Paint

Rebuild the Core – Heri Za Kwanzaa!

We look to a Motherland that is methodically stripped of dignity. the migratory power of a people that spread across a globe. Where melanin and DNA’s carry across seas to shores in the West. A Diaspora void of unity. Where status has brought disease and shame. I have sense shared the bludgeoned memories with … Continue reading Rebuild the Core – Heri Za Kwanzaa!