The Groundshaker – Grace Jones

I was obsessed with Grace Jones in the 80’s, particularly after watching A View to a Kill and Conan the Destroyer. BUT, living in a Bible belt world I began to actually look down on her freedom – which at the time was labeled everything from a whore, to irresponsible, to a sell-out.

I watched MTV whenever possible, so I was able to get an understanding of the NYC universe. We thought we were Turbo and Ozone, the Jungle Brothers and De La Soul, or had even experienced the nightlife to the likes of knock-off Studio 54’s, where Grace Jones was once a fixture. Non of it was reality for me, but vicarious living speaks for itself – it was the fantasy… New York had its mystique and it was irreplaceable. It felt good to play that house music, “that low pounding sound” and I still consistently fantasized about Grace Jones, sneaking to watch her scenes from the James Bond flick.

And now, at 71 solar returns , the Taurus, the bull, Grace Jones is still on fire – fresh, flirty, and fine. And I’m still celebrating this ground-shaking Jamaican born beauty. And, by the way, noone can forget the legendary Strange’ birthing the perfume bottle in Boomerang – or the pussy call – classic.  #naturistvibe

MUSES ed:1

The Goddess

I see you. I need you. Quench my thirst. Spark my fire and inspire my verse. Cause me to let out the lion’s roar …with your name in the growl. The sweet Goddess. I need my Muse. Awaken my spirit and give me strength with your attentive Beauty. Demand that I stand strong in the winds of change and in the dull moments, pull the inventive fire from my gut. And I will demonstrate the potency of your power (womb)manifested through art. The world will soon recognize the impenetrable nature of our existence and part like black sea. Allowing space for you and me. We create naturally.