Tribal Paint

Most of these images are created by the amazing Nigerian brother, Laolu Senbanjo. His work is so dope. Regardless, I love tribal paint. It is commanding and against the grain. It invokes the energy of powerful African warriors, tribeswomen and tribesmen and the creativity and adaptability of Diasporans across the globe. Decorative, intriguing, and downright sexy, tribal paint has been a muse-like turn-on of mine for years. I digitally collect many of these images on Pinterest, but wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the art form – on Nubian Core. -Dubaku

Cenophilia pt.2: Un Bisou!

How critical is it for actors/actresses to nail the kiss? And, well, who delivers a better on-screen kiss than Nia Long? I’m convinced. Let’s compare a few. Just a few.

Kandrake Amanirenas – Nubian Queen

Amanirenas... All Due respect…

Her persona equates power, prowess and Queendom.

Stood firm as she withstood the wicked man.

Elegant and fierce, a crafty and strategic warrior.

Prepared to push her people to protect what was theirs.

Sending enemies whimpering and crying in their sleep.

Making history with self-determination because the mission was real.

Her mission was ill. Ill-fated in the lair of the liar. What might she desire?

Truth in herstory.

Inclined to process the twisted truth as pure element.

Wrestling with protocol and order.

Attacking the air, though her fight wasn’t there.

Because the pouting prince of the nasty North dared not show for combat.

He came only to compromise – his surrender disguised as chess move… No checkmate on his sleight.

And indeed it was because to court Amamirenas was to play with death.

The warrior Queen would have snatched away his last breath.

Still serving as the most fit Mother and wife, widowed,

But living in the power of nature, discernment, and fierce intention – history was made.

Cenophilia Vol. Moja: If Beale Street Could Talk

The world is shut down for this “pandemic” and so, I’m catching up some great films – enter If Beale Street Could Talk. James Baldwin’s genius work was brought to screen by Barry Jenkins, and this was perfect time for a re-watch. The romantic tone and family dynamics send out a unique nostalgia that extends from the 1960’s and 70’s, when the ‘Afro’-American dilemma was not much different from today, but carried such a groovy and survivalist energy.  That energy allowed us to endure the pain and carry on to another day, often with a sorrowful smile.   Families made an effort to stay together regardless of the obstacles – always hopeful.

Although Baldwin wrote this in the year of my bornday, I read this book about 25 years ago and didn’t think of it as a movie. When I first saw the trailer a couple of years back, I had such deep reminiscent moment, remembering when and where I read the novel. And I loved it, no matter how painful the scenario was portrayed. I don’t wish to summarize, but simply introduce this magical work and encourage all of those with that naturist vibe, who posses that longing for freedom to take a look or grab a copy and INjoy.

The soundtrack is just phenomenal.

The Groundshaker – Grace Jones

I was obsessed with Grace Jones in the 80’s, particularly after watching A View to a Kill and Conan the Destroyer. BUT, living in a Bible belt world I began to actually look down on her art and freedom – which at the time was labeled everything from a whore, to irresponsible, to a sell-out. Some of that fell off with her depiction of the Queen in Shaka Zulu.

As a kid in the 80’s, I watched MTV whenever possible. It helped to better understand the NYC universe. We wanted to be Turbo and Ozone, loved the Jungle Brothers and De La Soul, and wanted to live the nightlife of all the knock-off Studio 54’s (where Grace Jones was once a fixture).

Hard to hear, but you should get the point.

It was vicarious – it was the fantasy… New York had its mystique and it was irreplaceable. It felt good to play our house music cassettes and of course, I could fantasize about Grace Jones all I wanted!

And now, at 71 solar returns , the Taurus, the bull, Grace Jones is still on fire – fresh, flirty, and fine.  I’m still celebrating this ground-shaking Jamaican born beauty.  And, who can forget the legendary Strange’ birthing the perfume bottle in Boomerang – or resist the pussy, pussy, pussy call – classic.  #naturistvibe