Cenophilia Vol. Moja: If Beale Street Could Talk

The world is shut down for this “pandemic” and so, I’m catching up some great films – enter If Beale Street Could Talk. James Baldwin’s genius work was brought to screen by Barry Jenkins, and this was perfect time for a re-watch. The romantic tone and family dynamics send out a unique nostalgia that extends from the 1960’s and 70’s, when the ‘Afro’-American dilemma was not much different from today, but carried such a groovy and survivalist energy.  That energy allowed us to endure the pain and carry on to another day, often with a sorrowful smile.   Families made an effort to stay together regardless of the obstacles – always hopeful.

Although Baldwin wrote this in the year of my bornday, I read this book about 25 years ago and didn’t think of it as a movie. When I first saw the trailer a couple of years back, I had such deep reminiscent moment, remembering when and where I read the novel. And I loved it, no matter how painful the scenario was portrayed. I don’t wish to summarize, but simply introduce this magical work and encourage all of those with that naturist vibe, who posses that longing for freedom to take a look or grab a copy and INjoy.

The soundtrack is just phenomenal.

The Groundshaker – Grace Jones

I was obsessed with Grace Jones in the 80’s, particularly after watching A View to a Kill and Conan the Destroyer. BUT, living in a Bible belt world I began to actually look down on her art and freedom – which at the time was labeled everything from a whore, to irresponsible, to a sell-out. Some of that fell off with her depiction of the Queen in Shaka Zulu.

As a kid in the 80’s, I watched MTV whenever possible. It helped to better understand the NYC universe. We wanted to be Turbo and Ozone, loved the Jungle Brothers and De La Soul, and wanted to live the nightlife of all the knock-off Studio 54’s (where Grace Jones was once a fixture).

Hard to hear, but you should get the point.

It was vicarious – it was the fantasy… New York had its mystique and it was irreplaceable. It felt good to play our house music cassettes and of course, I could fantasize about Grace Jones all I wanted!

And now, at 71 solar returns , the Taurus, the bull, Grace Jones is still on fire – fresh, flirty, and fine.  I’m still celebrating this ground-shaking Jamaican born beauty.  And, who can forget the legendary Strange’ birthing the perfume bottle in Boomerang – or resist the pussy, pussy, pussy call – classic.  #naturistvibe

Mood Musik: I Am Your Mind – Roy Ayers

The Grand Genius Roy Ayers wrote these fantastic lyrics for the Virgin Ubiquity II album in 1976… Celebrating this Virgo, in season, with reason. Reminiscent and real. Oh, how his words reveal – truth. This is I Am Your Mind Pt. 2

Your mind your mind
Your mind your mind
(If you believe in yourself)
Your mind your mind (You’ll know the real you)
Your mind your mind (Its coming from within) (Sincerely)
Your mind your mind (Sincerely)
I am your mind
(You subject yourself to being vulnerable)
(Not knowing why you fall in love)
(And so you become)
(What you are made to become)
(Its not that often)
(That I feel as I do)
(Tell me something to make me feel better)
My sister
I am your mind
Within you is a never-ending magnitude of
Indefinite strength, wisdom, and will
You travel my roads through life
Never knowing your own true reality
Because my thoughts remain like distant quasars
You abuse me
By never letting me say and do as I feel
Our thoughts split from love affairs to joys of friends
We argue like two enemies
Yet we are good friends
Now there are moments when we harmonize with each other
And become one with nature and reality
(Tell me something to make me feel better)
But these times are few
When after you have replenished yourself
The fear of the truth sets in
We split, and you start to run again
Running, running, running
Running through women, men, jobs, people, and life
Looking for the answer
When I had it all along
But I smile
Because I am your mind
I was your mind yesterday
I am your mind today
And I’ll be your mind tomorrow
And as our end draws near
We will become closer
But you and I
You and I
We will never be one
For I’ll part form you
And you will part from me
You finding another mind
And I another soul
We will travel on
And on
By the way
I need more than sex to nourish my equilibrium
But I do need sex
I also need sun, trees, stars, creativity and love
But you saturate my soul with too much of one
And not enough of the other
Therefore I cry
But why do we cry
Because tears cleanse the windows of our minds
I am your mind
(Tell me something to make me feel better)
All your thoughts inside your mind
Wanting to be free
Well now you’ve got the chance to make your mind grow
And be free
Because the music is just trying to say things to free your mind
Then you can understand why
There’s no need to be afraid of me
I want to be your friend
I’m just trying to give you music from deep deep
Deep deep within
(Tell me something to make me feel better)
All of your dreams can become reality
My dial reaches full
But you’ve only been turning me halfway
Turn me up
And alpha and beta waves will spew from your pores
And knowledge, peace, happiness, and prosperity will be placed at your feet
Let’s create
And unify