Amanirenas.  Put respect upon HER name…

Her persona equates power, prowess and Queendom.

Stood firm as she withstood the wicked man.

Elegant and fierce, a crafty and strategic warrior.

Prepared to push her people to protect what was theirs.

Sending enemies whimpering and crying in their sleep.

Making history with self-determination because the mission was real.

Her mission was ill. Ill-fated in the lair of the liar. What might she desire?

Truth in herstory.

Inclined to process the twisted truth as pure element.

Wrestling with protocol and order.

Attacking the air, though her fight wasn’t there.

Because the pouting prince of the nasty North dared not show for combat.

He came only to compromise – his surrender disguised as chess move… No checkmate on his sleight.

And indeed it was because to court Amamirenas was to play with death.

The warrior Queen would have snatched away his last breath.

Still serving as the most fit Mother and wife, widowed,

But living in the power of nature, discernment, and fierce intention – history was made.

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