I want to hate you, but would rather impregnate you,

With a gift from the most high, so must I deal with you.

In the moment of lust, loving and leaving you basking in dust.

Weathered storms to meet and greet with you.

Love let me lose my hope, pain – vetting and strain

And So…

The time has passed and I’m free from the bondage of you and me,

But lost in this wild style and I yearn for your eyes now.

The only truth I can understand.

So readily I grip the ground, holding fast to dreams of bliss.

And yet allowing stress and intervention to persist.

Fighting for richness and righteous with balled fist.

Wrong times, crooked lines, withstanding the onslaught of deceit you bring,

The leveled lies you embrace, the ignorance I despise.

Falling short and crossed lines, burning splinters of joy,

‘Cause you needed reproach, rebuke and repent.

Distracted, twisting religion – secretly wishing for devils to chase you.

I had to make sense of you in some way.

Sad and I miss the good old days.

(Wish I could return to the hybrid spirit supreme).

Hoping for dreams of clean and pure.

I’m a mind twister and you’re so insecure.

I once dug and dived but had to see the massive release of pseudo culture struck down with bribery.  

Trickery.  Vulnerability.

Struck down by moments of you learning to live without me.


(Wish we could’ve been more patient).

Destruction seems to be our theme, perhaps a dream.

But the lessons smack you each time and you lose a piece of your soul.

I become hardened by yet another painful past manifested through the checkered path.

Simply do the math and watch your equation fade south, in and out, dropped, repeat, pleasure, desertion, wishing, writing, proclaiming, complaining, when all you had to do was stop.  And stand still.  Listen.  Heal.  Repeat.. Rise.  Oh Goddess RISE!!

Lift your head, the crown keeps sliding to the side.

What a journey we shared.  Asante.  Salaam.

Tutaonana…  SOON

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