Dream to reALIty

As I continue to stare, I become restless.

I am contemplating the move.

My heart races a bit.

My legs are numb.

I want to crawl to you.

Follow your scent until I am closer and closer.

But I stand instead.

I walk softly so that I do not disturb you.

The anticipation builds.

I walk towards you.

I hover like a falcon over vast land.

I want to preserve the moment and provide shelter.

My masculine aura begins to pierce and you shift.

You are at peace and don’t move much.

I speak to you.

You feel me but don’t respond.

At last, I want you more comfortable and close to me.

And so I scoop you into my arms and lay you down.

I curl up next to you and sniff your neck.

Your skin smells divine.

In that moment, I am instantly comforted.

Simultaneously, I am aroused and pleased.

Your presence is powerful.

I am weak and I am strong.  I am thankful.  

And we rest together.

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