Life’s lessons got this thinking man operating on a new plan,

…in this troubled life.

Free of the deceit, disappointment and the strife

An inherent and fresh understanding, honoring the Queen Mother,

‘Cause she’s nurturing the bubbling brown faces of her oft-spring

Brought clarity to my view.  A lesson in hue.

Oh, how I wish my lessons could reverse the hour,

The times of pain and burning and searing individual prowess,

But here comes the rain.  The ONE true FEMININE.

Her gaze and soft voice blessing the beautiful babies

With that old time religion of drum and story and repeat and ancestor and abundance.

Abundance through role playing with the Warrior Class.

Deep moans and the babies bore witness to physical existence.

The sky breaks and blessings abound the earth in search of survival.

Survival of the empire, from the state of righteousness and necessity.

Look upon that Queen…

…with the stubborn wool crown jewel.

Possessing the burning spear of change and vibration.

Where did you come from?

Now my soul runs deep and wild.

I love your stance and style as you calmly strut.

If only I knew then what I know now.

But time for the rebirth, expressing my new learned lessons in rhythm and verse.

Stepping out of the hidden dark days of fear and death.

The Queen Mother shows the way.

Her likeness to a land defined by the divine.

A sun soaked presence preparing for the self-inflicted 60 year drought.

Until the day comes when man is born.


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