I reach far across the lands with my mystical arms.  Now understanding that the truths were hidden and the imposition was real, deeper than I ever imagined.  I needed talisman and weapon.  I found the SWORDS.  Gripped firmly, I returned to the chaos and wilderness armed with slashers and thought.  The tools to defeat the madness.  Brass and bronze and wood and steel.  The mighty SWORDS represent and sharpen, carving earth being into GOD.cropped-img_20140717_1612301.jpg

Showing the world the relentless and determined spirit, heading for a cosmic journey out of this realm and away from the shackles. Shedding the fears and false promises of a broken society. Reaching for stars, bursting with energy and higher vibrations. Sharps swords cut the tension and enemy and lies. Symbolic and special. No apologies on this road to F.R.E.E.D.O.M.

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