Eclipse: The time has come…

This is a day of deep thought.  A rare moment when sun joins moon, where beat meshes with tune, when magic is being made.

Learned the deepest of lessons as I walked the humble path.  That day when karma comes to collect the debt.  When the stories of momma and poppa blend and explode with jali dreams.

The next perspective knows what it means.  The filter is thick and ready and preparing me for the unseen.  The gold is tainted and dented, but unstained and righteous.  Sharp as nails made of brass.

An art form concocted from a fatal blow, a pain unknown and defined by the untrained soul. The screams and cries unbearable and unshaken by apologies, matched sorrows and new companionship.

False hope had led a charge of downward spiral and desperation. The universe within in peril and despair and dangerously close to disrepair.

But the eclipse was on time. A sign from the divine. A day break forged by witness of self reflection and repentance. The clarity and sound mind now guide the lost child into hope and secure and friendship that shall endure.

Let the distractions be as they may, but allow the love to find peace, dipped in humble, dipped in lavenders and honey from the earth and crust.

And now, the time has come, to get back to my drum, and beat the rhythm of a thousand and one souls who once led a free and brilliant people.  A people who were beautiful and inventive and only troubled by the inevitability of an ancient past.  A past of dismiss and reject and nevertheless, the soul remained intact until primed for attack.  And after many years of plan and death and conquer of race, a people shall rise as will I.  My redemption, a micro of the grand scheme.  And my dream shall come true.  My team is me and you.  If I am deemed worthy, then my battle has only begun, the time has come, the moon has joined its sun.

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