Cloud 9

Once I watched a young girl cry,
She was wounded deep inside.
From a society that neglected her
Used her and abused her.
But then I saw her rise.

She went on to find hope.
She escaped the liquor and dope
Escaped the over sexed moments that were expected of her.
She allowed me to see her
In the true sense of divine vision.

Where eyes gaze through walls
Only to flip the image and bounce it back.
Because she was bouncing back
And though she was always under attack
She knew that in order for her people to survive
It was her destiny to never lose sight of the prize.

This is when I knew,
That this world was controlled by only a few.
That this girl knew how to navigate the distance
Between sorrow and sadness,
Through triumph and gladness.

She was suffering yet challenging the status quo.
She understood that she could transcend universes with a decent flow.

 And so, she put pen to pad.
And she wrote.
She a wrote poem so sweet,
That it made me love, lust, and cry all in the same heartbeat.
I bought into her indulgence of the words.
Her attack on the absurd,
Her grit and might and woman power.

I was entranced, watching her lips move,
Watching her hips groove
I didn’t even know what to do.
I was stuck, feet planted, cemented in the concrete.

I winced out loud,
Cause I wanted her so bad.
I wanted to wipe away her sad.
I looked out into the universe.
I shook myself free of the fantasy.
I began to look at her realistically

She was there to save my soul.
How convenient, how bold.
In the end, we’ll both win.
It was in that moment I realized…
It’s been a long time, since I’ve been on cloud nine.

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