Choices Pt. 1

You can watch me fly…
My soulmate, serving me well
Allowing me to dispel, all myths of utopia.
Blended minds, though crooked times
Make me wonder how true the tall tale is…
When I have seen glorious moments
And I am confused and alone
I rest upon my throne
Battered and bludgeoened
But I, force myself to stand tall
I look to the heavens.
My soul runs in the pastures
The colorful wild weeds
Decorating the land with grand
Understandings of life.
I saw a vision through it all.
I watched the heavy rain fall,
Then cleanse the earth
So that I may find refuge in the understated desire to redeem.
Habits formed from years of struggle.
From years of passing time.
From years of hustle and grind.
Making due,
When the path was not in clear view.
And then,
Dreams of soulmate and twin flame,
And love and lust
Refrain and restrain.
Frustrated – making a choice shouldn’t be this hard.
To Be Continued…

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