The world is shut down for this “pandemic” and so, I’m catching up some great films – enter If Beale Street Could Talk. James Baldwin’s genius work was brought to screen by Barry Jenkins, and this was perfect time for a re-watch. The romantic tone and family dynamics send out a unique nostalgia that extends from the 1960’s and 70’s, when the ‘Afro’-American dilemma was not much different from today, but carried such a groovy and survivalist energy.  That energy allowed us to endure the pain and carry on to another day, often with a sorrowful smile.   Families made an effort to stay together regardless of the obstacles – always hopeful.

Although Baldwin wrote this in the year of my bornday, I read this book about 25 years ago and didn’t think of it as a movie. When I first saw the trailer a couple of years back, I had such deep reminiscent moment, remembering when and where I read the novel. And I loved it, no matter how painful the scenario was portrayed. I don’t wish to summarize, but simply introduce this magical work and encourage all of those with that naturist vibe, who posses that longing for freedom to take a look or grab a copy and INjoy.

The soundtrack is just phenomenal.

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