Tatyana Fazlalizadeh – She Has It

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is an artist... a woman of her time, taking control of her own narrative. Her portraits are so real, with a depth between the eyes of each face. Her messages are clear and insightful, bold and pioneering. Spike Lee didn't "discover" her, but shout out to Spike for providing such a solid platform … Continue reading Tatyana Fazlalizadeh – She Has It

Mysteries of Life

It is increasingly difficult to understand how creative beings can speak of consciousness or getting to the next level and yet always be so angry. There is no need for that to continue. Meditate on a powerful and peaceful journey and begin to embrace the Hrt... The Hurt and the Heart. Healing is within reach. … Continue reading Mysteries of Life


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAnWChAVd0k Delightful Read with a Soundtrack...   Dangerous Queen... Making music, mistakes, and babies. Listening, learning, reading, writing. Exciting every brotha in her gaze, dumbfounded and twisted in her maze. She is fire and desire, burning the souls of cash money makers and rhyme slayers alike. Intellectuals and sell-outs. They all love this culture crooner, exemplifying … Continue reading Badoula

False Hoods

Brows bent as I break down the story of America. This wrinkle in time had my forehead looking older than it should Because I'm worried about my children, in my hood. This plantation struggle prevalent as the past 10 generations. This false emancipation. This mass incarceration. Androids filling voids. Reality TV white house trends. And … Continue reading False Hoods