Mood Musik: I Am Your Mind – Roy Ayers

The Grand Genius Roy Ayers wrote these fantastic lyrics for the Virgin Ubiquity II album in 1976... Celebrating this Virgo, in season, with reason. Reminiscent and real. Oh, how his words reveal - truth. This is I Am Your Mind Pt. 2 Your mind your mindYour mind your mind(If you believe in yourself)Your mind your … Continue reading Mood Musik: I Am Your Mind – Roy Ayers

Swords of WAR – aKofeNa Reaching far across the lands with my mystical arms.  Understanding that truths were hidden and imposition was real, deeper than imagined.  A desperate need for talisman and weapon.  Find the SWORDS.  Grip firmly, and return to the chaos and wilderness armed with slashers and strategies.  The tools to defeat the madness.  Brass and bronze … Continue reading Swords of WAR – aKofeNa